The COBie Academy

The COBie Academy is now open thanks to the support of the Rinker School of Construction Management and the University of Florida, Gainsville Department of Professional Education.

The purpose of the COBie Academy.

Tested Commercial Software

COBie design software tests for NBIMS-US V3 listed below.

Testing prior to 2015 here.

Free/Open-Source Software

Review the content, transform, and test your files with free products (except where noted) developed by Prairie Sky Consulting.

COBie Contracting

Get COBie into your contracts.

COBie Templates

Updated May 2016. Use these if you're working on COBie by hand.

COBie Example Files

East Dormitory Project File Sets (2016-7)
  A Complete Building!

Partial Examples (2010-2014)
  Medical Clinic and Office Building

A "Hello World" Example: Duplex Apartment (2009).
  COBie @ Design
  COBie @ Handover
  IFC Coordination MVD @ Design


Thoughts about the implications, implementation, and application of information technology on our industry from a guy who works in the middle of a cornfield!

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Strategy & Policy: Quality Control: Emergent Building Intelligence COBie FAQ's:

COBie Technical Information

For the technical details see the links below.

Intro 2 COBie Videos

If you're just starting out with COBie, start here!

COBie 4 Users Videos

Find out what COBie means for you with these videos.