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Hands-On Workbook

Discover the basis for COBie Quality Control and see how to test STEP- and Spreadsheet-formatted COBie files in our 2016 COBie Quality Control workbook

COBie Quality Control.

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Standard of Care

You do not need training in “Level 2 BIM”, “5 D BIM”, “Level of Development”, or “Level of Detail” to do COBie.

If you are getting paid to do design and construction today, you already meet COBie the standard of care -- you just don't know it!

Of course, such statements are heresy to those selling a goverment program, customized products and publications, and consutancy services. What you need to know is that you already produce COBie data on every design or construction project. Your only job is to efficiently capture that information.

QA/QC Approach

First, an owner must identify (a) the assets that are actually managed, (b) the required properties for those assets, and (c) how the assets should be classified. Prairie Sky Consulting can help you clearly define your requirements.

Next, the owner must develop a specification that reflects these requirements. Included in this specification will be the list of deliverables and required testing methods.

Owners and Contractors that need help drafting COBie specifications or responding to unclear COBie requirements should contact Prairie Sky Consulting.

Once construction begins, getting a COBie file may be relatively easy compared to making sure that the file has the information that's needed. Prairie Sky Consulting evalutes COBie submittals in two steps: Verification and Validation.

Verification ensures that the data is in the correct format and that the data is internatlly consistent with US National BIM Standard, Chapter 4.2 business rules. Validation ensures that the data in that file is the data you need.

Prairie Sky Consulting provides you free tools to help your verification and validation processes, as shown to the right.

No need to hire a consultant if you can use these tools on your own, but if you need help, contact Prairie Sky Consulting.

Getting Started?

Contact us today to kick-start your COBie QA/QC process.

STEP File Testing

COBie data in STEP File Format (often called "ifc file" format) looks like the picture below.

Example COBie STEP file..

Test COBie STEP Files using the COBie Plugin for bimServer.org

XLSX File Testing

COBie data in Microsoft spreadsheet format (.xlsx files) looks like the picture below.

Example COBie spreadsheet file.

Test COBie XLSX files using the COBie QC Reporter Command Line Tool. This tool works on the Windows operating system.

Validation (pre-release)

To check the content of a COBie file, you have two options. You can use the programs that created the data; however, errors could be hidden because you must understand the underling structure of those files.

An alternative is to browse COBie data using an interactive floor plan. Using hot-links on the floor-plan to spot-check that COBie data matches contract drawings.

A pre-elease COBie Floor plan generator Plugin 1.0 - beta is available on github.