Building Information Beyond BIM™

Lean Handover™ 

Today, interns stand at copiers and scanners for months making O & M manuals. Collect that information once with our Lean Handover™ pratices. Or continue with your "Bankerbox Compliant BIM", it's up to you...

Paper boxes in boiler rooms replaced by COBie.

Our COBie production services help you meet COBie specs and show you how to implement Lean Handover™ on every subsequent job.

Owner's Implementation

Your employees re-enter "3 Ring-Binder Compliant" information every day. Get what you need, up-front without transcribing -- before you take occupancy! Apply our Owner Servcies to start today!

Shelves full of O&M manuals replaced by COBie.

Use our COBie Score Card™ to organize and align your team for real-time asset and handover, across your entire portfolio.

Systems Integration 

Standards-based workflows with systems integration transform facilities management from an overhead line item to a strategic corporate asset. Or continue with your "Shoebox Compliant BIM", it's up to you...

A BIM repository in a shoebox.

We help systems-integrators design standard-based workflows to help replace disconnected, enterprise-wide management sytems with real-time asset awareness capability.


Don't know where to start? Can't quite see the big picture? Did you get a pretty presentation with new acroynms from your favorite consultant, but no actual help?

Join our COBie Academy. Our certificate programs were created by the inventor of COBie and are supported by the Rinker School of Construction Management and hosted by the UFL Dept. of Distance and Continuing Education.

Dr. East answers your pressing questions and personally grades your assignments. High quality on-line education at your pace.

Need something else? We also offer:

  • high-impact keynotes
  • lean handover workshops
  • webinars and lectures
  • books and industry analysis
  • sponsored publications

We can develop a custom package of workshops and consultations to get your company, team, or program started with lean handover workflows.


Independant testing is critical for customers to have confidence in your products. We organized and led the first objective tests of building information models in 2008. We, literally, wrote the book on COBie QC.

COBie Quality Control.

We have integrated the work of international teams of designers and builders to test Autodesk Revit and Grahipsoft ARCHICAD. Our published guides show you how to apply better information management practices.

We publish our results so you can check them for yourself! We use the East Dormitory model for testing. We develop open-source software solutions and the documentation needed to use them.


Have an information exchange problem? You've come to the right place! Developing COBie version 1.0 took only one year. COBie was in commercial software in two.

NBIMS-US Information Exchange standards.

Dr. East led the COBie, HVACie, Sparkie, WSie, BAMie, LCie, and SPie. In less than a decade, the first specifications could be found in contracts around the world.

Prairie Sky Consulting works around the globe to solve real-world problems. Most recently, we lead an international team of buildingSMART experts to develop an ISO-based alternative to the US COBie specification. The Asset Operations Handover framework and its specification for Building System Equipment Maintenance can be found here.